Francesco Lanzone

.....a 12-inch long story

Bottier, Calzolaio, Sutor, Handmade Shoes Maker... A single word releated to an ancient and timeless art, which looks slow for the frenetic nowadays life and, because of that, it is very charming.
This is a craft which requires high care, valuable and natural materials held together by dozens of small hand-sewn stitches between the sole and the welt.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Francesco Lanzone and I wear 12-inch shoes.
12-inch is my feet's tricky length, that has always prevented me from wearing the shoes that I liked.

The discomfort becomes motivation, helped by creativity and manual skills, as well as a boundless passion for handmade shoes, culminated in a prolonged experience in Tuscany, which led me, year after year, and pair after pair, to open my own workshop in my hometown, Turin.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome.